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A common misconception in today’s ever-changing world is that, as new forms of technological communication are introduced, the old will get lost in transition. Nowhere is this concept more applicable than in television commercials.

Should I Advertise on TV?

The Internet is becoming increasingly popular among all age groups, causing some to believe that television will soon become obsolete. Television advertising is not only the most powerful form of marketing, but it also strengthens the impact messages given have on viewers in comparison to other forms of advertising. What’s more, television is the only technological form of advertisement capable of reaching nearly its entire target market.

Along with the positive edge TV advertisements gain by reaching a large portion of their specific audience, advertisements done through this medium are also capable of reaching extremely large general audiences in a short amount of time. The combination of fast advertisement to vast audiences is highly desirable in the world of marketing, and it provides yet another positive aspect of television commercials.

In comparison to other media outlets, television has the highest efficiency level for reaching key performance indicators. While consumers are viewing television in different ways, such as streaming through their computers and/or cell phones, it is still the most powerful means for spreading messages.

Arguments Made Against TV Commercial Production

A common argument made against television advertisements is that they are very expensive. There are multiple steps involved in producing an advertisement, including hiring actors, writing scripts, and editing the film. My response to those who pose this argument? If you are advertising properly, your money spent in doing so will be quickly returned to you by consumers who—after viewing your commercial—are eager to indulge in your product or service. Not only can television advertisements provide an opportunity for financial gain, but they also allow you to get creative and spice up your business with a touch of personality.

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