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George Brymer

George Brymer

Chief Creative Officer

George Brymer has always been inquisitive. His first spoken word as a child likely was, “Why?” That he’s failed to outgrow that curiosity is evident in his probing conversations with clients—and his approach to creativity.

George was previously with The Image Group as its Chief Creative Officer. He’s a former banker and leadership coach. He has a Masters in Organizational Leadership from Lourdes University, and he now serves on the Lourdes board of directors. He also has considerable experience on area nonprofit boards. A part-time author, George has written and published two books.

Away from work, George enjoys golf and boot camp classes. He likes long weekends in Chicago and northern Michigan and posting smart-alecky comments on social media.

Wondering “why” your marketing isn’t getting the results you desire? Call George. He’s got questions—and answers—for you.

Amy Pommeranz

Amy Pommeranz

Creative Director

Amy Pommeranz comes from a small but close-knit family. When she’s not producing creative magic, Amy enjoys spending time with her husband, their dog, and her family—or hanging with an extended family that includes her favorite friends.

Amy is an experienced branding professional and award-winning graphic designer. Prior to helping launch The Creative Block, she was Creative Director at The Image Group. She graduated from Bowling Green State University with a major in visual communication technology.

Amy’s other personal interests include sipping wine, watching HGTV, following University of Michigan football, and traveling—but not necessarily in that order.

Wishing that you had a relative in the marketing business? Just contact The Creative Block, where Amy Pommeranz will make you feel like family.

Amy Pommeranz and George Brymer
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