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Motion background with NIMBLE word

We never gave much thought to the word nimble until our customers began using it to describe The Creative Block. Now the term excites us.

nimble [nimbuhl]
adjective, nim•bler, nim•blest.
1. swift and light in movement; moving with ease; agile; active; rapid.
2. quick to understand, think, devise, etc.
3. cleverly contrived.

For many prospective clients, size matters. They associate big advertising firms with a more dependable level of service than a small studio could provide. Those companies rarely choose us to handle their marketing.

But one day, a brand new customer explained why her organization selected The Creative Block from other bidders. In addition to liking our work, they saw our size as an indication that we could be more responsive to their needs. They imagined, she said, that we could be “nimble enough” to give them the personalized service they sought.

Soon after, other clients started using the word nimble when describing why they like working with us. It’s a description we’re proud to wear.

Our smaller-than-average size provides our clients with two distinct advantages. First, we’re able to respond quickly to their requests whenever they reach out to us. Second, they always get our top brass (and brightest talent) working on their accounts.

Why not put our nimbleness to work for you?