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2022 Annual Report

Dedicated to
helping our neighbors.

Dear Friends of Sylvania Cares:

The time has come to prove that we can all work together to make a difference in the lives of others. At Sylvania Cares, our donors, partners, and staff have risen to the unprecedented challenges of this past year. They have demonstrated resilience and dedication to the Sylvania community.

This year has shown us that Sylvanians are resilient. Despite uncertainty in the face of a global pandemic, there was an unwavering commitment to our mission to lead positive systemic change that strengthens all of Sylvania. I am proud that Sylvania Cares has emerged stronger and remains even more committed to serving our community when the need is greatest.

Sylvania Cares assisted at area food banks, homeless shelters, healthcare clinics, parks—anywhere we were needed—to help essential workers in ensuring they received the resources needed to continue their vital work. I invite you to learn more about our ongoing efforts in the stories featured throughout this year’s annual report.

Thank you for inspiring us and helping us make Sylvania a better living place.

Together, anything is possible.

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Rosalin McNeilly
President and CEO

A Year Like No Other

“The closest thing to being cared for is to care for someone else.”

– Carson McCullers

At Sylvania Cares, we believe that people—whatever their backgrounds—are at the heart of changing their communities. That’s why we support initiatives that promote change through collective actions to improve and sustain the well-being of our most vulnerable community members.

Almost every single issue confronting the world—poverty, education, social justice, economic development, the environment, gender equality, food security, or health—all have one element in common: people who can help. By triggering a behavioral shift, we can develop creative solutions that foster collaboration among various organizations and community members.

The past year tested our resilience and solidarity as a united community. There has never been a more challenging time. Yet we showed how we could do extraordinary things when we pull together—when we think and act with our hearts.



Sylvania Cares received 62 percent of its revenue from federal, state, and local grants. The grants are used to fund educational programs, community outreach, various volunteer activities, and staff development. For the fiscal year ending June 30, 2021, total revenue exceeded total expenses by $125,908.

Investment Income generated 30 percent of revenue. The investment account is used for any funding gaps experienced during the fiscal year. Other Revenue includes Training Fees (1.5%), Fundraising (2%), and in-kind contributions (9%).

Employee wages and benefits remain the largest share of expenses at 64 percent. Other Operating Expenses (i.e. costs of costs sold, supplies, staff training, advertising and outreach, and third party consulting fees) represent the remainder of the total.

Your tax-deductible contributions to Sylvania Cares help us fulfill our mission.


2021: Our impact by the numbers.

Individuals Impacted by Services and Programs
Trainings Conducted
Partner Agencies
Thousand of Dollars Raised
Educational Materials Distributed
Individuals Trained
Individuals with Disabilities Assisted


SOMO Cleanup Project Opens New Pathways

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